Signature Gin

Signature Gin

Indulge in the exotic allure of our Signature JUNJAOW Thai Mango & Coconut Gin, a harmonious blend of traditional botanicals and vibrant Thai flavours. 

Crafted with care, this gin encapsulates the essence of Thailand, featuring aromatic mango, zesty kaffir lime and coconut along with the traditional botanicals of juniper, coriander and anjelica. 

The result is a sophisticated and exceptionally smooth spirit that invites you on a journey through the vibrant Thai culinary landscape with every sip. 

Elevate your cocktail experience at JUNJAOW THAI with this unique and captivating gin, a true embodiment of Thai flavour artistry. 

An exceptional, smooth taste experience for the well travelled gin connoisseur. 

We serve with handcut frozen pieces mango (or Lime ) over ice with your choice of Fever Tree mixer .

Available to order in 70cl bottles now.